Focus on the Light!

🌻 There’s a story doing the rounds that sunflowers turn towards each other when there’s no sun, to “share energy”. Cute idea, but this doesn’t happen, except by accident. From “once the sunflower matures, it stops following the sun and is content to just soak up the rays as they fall. Fully developed blossoms usually stop and stay in an east facing direction but there is always a rebel in the patch who chooses a different view.” ... Read More

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Frustrated or Flexible?

When faced with a challenge, do you get frustrated or flexible? Today is a great example of the power of the pandemic to push our buttons. It’s “Share a Hug” Day (& I’m a great proponent of hugging!). If we focus on the problem - “Arrrrgh! We can’t hug, from 1.5 metres apart!” - the outcome will be stress, frustration, unhappiness. Not exactly the goal of Hug Day! Optimising outcomes requires flexibility! If we focus on the intention of the d ... Read More

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Change your Focus to “What’s Possible”!

The varying levels of restrictions that we're facing at the moment means that we need a change of focus - a flexibility of approach, looking for "what's possible", and choosing where our efforts will get "best possible" results. ... Read More

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Approaching Obstacles with Optimism

When life brings you obstacles, what's your approach? This delightful short film, from Runway Reel, asks us the question "what do you do, when faced with a challenge?". Small adjustments? Just push through? Or...? It's a great question to take us into the weekend! ... Read More

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Beware of Positive Thinking!

The impact of the pandemic across the planet is causing rising levels of uncertainty & stress on #leaders of businesses & communities. Yesterday, the Premier of Victoria mandated the use of masks in lockdown zones. My biggest concern, in the face of this and other worrying issues, is that people might try to apply ‘positive thinking’ to maintain their momentum. Just being positive isn’t going work. In fact, positivity can be toxic to mome ... Read More

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Rational Hope

Many people have said “Hope is not a strategy”…or is it? Like #Optimism, I think Hope is a spectrum and both approaches can be very useful as part of a strategy for achieving goals in business and life! What I believe we need more of is "Rational Hope" and “Functional Optimism”, as we navigate living with this virus.. Ross Douthat wrote about “rational hope” in The New York Times on March 28. “Rational hope accepts that the situation is genuinely ... Read More

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Reward or Punishment

Do you reward good behaviours & activities or focus on adjusting undesirable ones? For #leaders of businesses, community or NFP organisations, families, etc, there are times when behaviours need to be either encouraged or eliminated. Research shows that recognising or reinforcing desired behaviour is more likely to create sustainable change than punishing “bad” behaviour. Another challenge is that, to be effective, the response to the behavio ... Read More

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Small Steps Count

Baby steps count! (& sometimes that’s all you can manage!) Cue inside voice: “Monday morning again! Where did last week go? There was so much I was going to accomplish!!!” Sound familiar? You are not alone! It’s easy to get caught up in achieving big goals & massive targets. Success is really about consistently taking small steps in the right direction. It’s only in momentum, even at the lowest level, that you get feedback on whether you ... Read More

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Emotional Responses to New Normal may be Damaging your Business.

The emotional response to the “new normal” may be damaging your business. Qantas announces the laying off of 6000 people, Deloittes downsizes by 700, KPMG cuts 200. These are big numbers from large companies. There are dozens, if not hundreds of similar stories, on a smaller scale, happening across our country & across the world. These are all parts of the “new normal” & it’s not an easy transition. There hasn’t been a process for letting ... Read More

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What Stays? What Goes?

What stays and what goes? There’s lots of talk at the moment about going from “lock-down” to a “new normal” for business, which affects us all in different ways. Leaders are making decisions about how their business operates in the next phase of pandemic recovery. It’s tempting to want to “get back to normal”. Most of us miss the social connection that comes from our work. There’s still uncertainty about timelines for removal of restrictions &amp ... Read More

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