🎼 Do you carry your weather with you? ☀️ Or do you let outside circumstances dictate your attitude? 🌤

🌧 As I sit in my office listening to the rain on the roof (37mm so far today) and contemplating lighting the fire (in late January!!!), I’m reminded of the song “Weather With You”, by Crowded House – a fabulous Aussie band, made up mostly of Kiwis!

The chorus is ‘Everywhere ya go, always take the weather with you’ (watch it here: https://youtu.be/ag8XcMG1EX4).

We can choose to feel and be “sunny” in our approach to challenges, or we can let gathering storm-clouds affect not only our mood, but our outcomes.

Whatever the weather where you are, I hope this little musical interlude lifts your spirits! (& I LOVE the little van and caravan…)