After more than 30 years working with business owners and managers, I’ve seen most of the issues you’re facing and I know the options to fix them. My “Business Gap Analysis” will help to identify your priorities.  Then we’ll tap into my Business Toolbox to access “best possible” solutions for your business.
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“Working with Helen helped me to create a solid foundation for my business. Her insights into the various elements that I needed to address were invaluable.”

Simon Borham, Eastview Advisory

Coaching with Helen

For the business owner who wants individual, customised attention and is looking for an experienced partner advocating for them to make the business the best it can be, one-to-one coaching is the ideal solution.

My approach is not to dictate how your business SHOULD be, but to help you identify what you really want to achieve from it. We will then work together to make that happen.

Having a coach means you have an accountability partner to keep you on track – someone “neutral but interested” who will give you unbiased feedback as well as providing input with strategies, tips and techniques to fast-forward your journey.

Outcomes include:

  • Clarity and focus about your business vision and goals
  • Working ON the business, as well as IN the business
  • Professional and personal growth
  • Systems to simplify & leverage your processes
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Coaching for Micro to Medium Business Owners

Coaching is a customised experience.

To meet your particular needs, I tap into my decades of hands-on experience in numerous industries to design an individual program. You will also get access to templates, checklists, videos and other resources to fast-track your results.

If you’re a sole practitioner, you need practical techniques to get clarity on your goals for your business and your life, then guidance for you to take the steps required to achieve them.

A business owner? Once you decide whether you want to get bigger, or better, or both, we get going – growing your client base, fine-tuning your systems, expanding your offers and/or your team to create the business you always wanted.

A corporate or not-for-profit manager? Clarifying the pathway to your professional and business goals for you and your team is the key first step. Then my coaching &/or training will be customised to help you and your people better engage customers, drive employee performance and deliver results.

Group Coaching Option

Tapping into both my expertise and the input of fellow business owners/managers, Group Coaching is a great way to maximise your financial investment in business improvement.

This option works well for franchises or for a group of managers from an organisation, wanting to share the journey towards mutual business success.

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Helen Mac Business Plan Builder

Business Plan Builder

Starting, growing and sustaining a business can be a challenging process.

Initially, we’re full of energy & enthusiasm. Then it starts feeling hard. You work harder, put more hours in, try to “push through”, but it doesn’t pay off.

There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to get things under control.

Introducing the Business Plan Builder, designed to get you to take a step back from the busy-ness of every day, to concentrate on how you want your business to look in the future.

What’s included?

• 60 Minute Business Analysis  session, covering 10 Business Success elements

• Creation of draft Business Plan

• Detailed Review and Implementation Planning Session

Investment: $1200+gst to get clear about where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there!

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Helen Mac Business Concept Clarity

Business Concept Clarity

Kick-starting a business can be tricky.

First, there’s the idea. Then sometimes another idea. Who is the target market? What and how do they want to buy? How can I reach them? The questions can seem endless.

Sometimes, we need an external point of view to help us see clearly. We need a conversation with a highly experienced and neutral person to test our thinking.

Introducing the Business Concept Clarity Session, designed to create calm and focus so you can move forward with confidence.

What’s included?

• 45 Minute Business Concept Exploration session.

• Creation of draft Concept Plan

• Review and Next Steps Session

Investment: $600+gst to get clarity about your concept and package/offers.

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Over the three decades of my career as a business and personal development expert, my clients range from large multi-national, corporate organisations to solo-preneurs; from senior executives to individuals at the “coal-face” of their business; from people who are just beginning their careers or their business to business owners wanting to leverage their time & effort.

Maximise results for yourself, your business and your team!

If your business is not delivering the results you need, I can help – get started today, with an initial (complimentary) assessment or consultation.

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