🌼 “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank

This fabulous little video collaboration is a great reminder that we all have a choice, every day, about how we approach the world. (https://vimeo.com/kellianderson/optimism)

Asking the question ‘what’s possible?” in the face of all of our challenges, then actively working towards a ‘best possible’ outcome, will transform our year.

As we step into 2021, what choices are you consciously making?

Thanks to Jude Ellis for sharing this video with me – your optimism in your work last year, as a GP, an Army Reservist, a wife & mother, are an inspiration. 🙏🌻

Poem: “Optimism” by Jane Hirshfield, read by the author.
Film concept by Maria Popova and Kelli Anderson.
Papercraft animation by Kelli Anderson.
Music: “Optimist” by Zoë Keating.