Struggling with the lead up to the end of this crazy year? What if you chose a different approach?

Research has shown that “festive stress” can have a real impact on our body, thoughts & feelings & behaviours.

As leaders, we need to manage this stress for ourselves & our teams.

Google is trying to help, showing different festive logos this month.

Let’s look at what’s possible:

We could start on Dec 10 with Hanukkah, the Jewish 8-day “festival of lights” celebrating the rededication of the Holy Temple.

Yule runs from Dec 22 to Jan 1, with a huge history of customs which formed the basis of western Christmas traditions.

On Dec 23, join fans of “Seinfeld” for Festivus, gathering around an aluminium pole & holding an “Airing of Grievances.” This might be very suitable after the year we’ve had!

For most of the world, Dec 25 is Christmas Day, celebrating the birth of Jesus. This is often the source of “festive stress”. There’s an option here, too. In other places, “Christmas” also falls on Jan 6, 7, or 19.

Or wait until Dec 26 & celebrate Kwanzaa, a festival of the 7 principles of African Heritage. Use a special candelabra (a kinara) & light a candle each day.

So, what would be the best possible way for you to spend the next few weeks?