May Day Reinvention

Happy May Day! This pic popped into my photo memories from 5 years ago - what a difference half a decade makes! Then, the image symbolised growth and joy. Now, it seems to represent the confusion that we are all living with. May 1 has a varied history, with different cultures celebrating different things. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the start of Spring. Downunder, we’re 2/3 of the way through Autumn (or Fall for my American friends). For the ... Read More

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Reinvention Strategies for Educators (& all of us!)

If you're in education, or just interested in strategies to reinvent yourself & your business during & post lockdown, you might enjoy this interview. I chatted with Karen Tui Boyes from Spectrum Education, who specialises in maximising learning outcomes for teachers. We discussed ways to stay connected with teams & community and ideas for managing our attitudes in this tricky time.  #leadership #outcomes #r ... Read More

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Be Kind

This new world order requires redesigning our approach to our interactions with each other, as managers, team members, customers & suppliers. What if we all chose to be kind today - starting with ourselves? How might that change our day & our world? One key to increasing our ability to be kind is to focus on being grateful for what we have, rather than focusing on what we lack. By recognising that we have access to resources, opportunitie ... Read More

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Optimisation requires Learning

Optimisation (sometimes) requires re-education! I was going through some photos this week and came across this one of my grandson and my late husband reading together - what a joy! For my grandson, this was a new adventure - squiggles on the page that made no sense, but his grandad could turn them into a story (including doing all the voices for the characters!)! For Lachlan, it was a chance to invest in his grandson's future (and snaffle a cuddl ... Read More

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Let’s Ban New Year Resolutions!

Welcome to the new year! This year, I’ll be sharing ideas I have come across, ways to manage your mindset for greater achievement and hints to help you maximise your results. This time of year is usually focused on a couple of diverse things – recovering from the festive season festivities; enjoying time-out with family & friends and setting things up for the year ahead. It’s the third one where your mindset is critical, both for your individ ... Read More

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Optimisation requires Connection

Optimisation requires connection. The tiny village of Trentham in Victoria is my home base and punches way above its weight in community involvement and activity. With life having been a bit hectic in recent weeks, this weekend was a great opportunity to reconnect with some the people who are so vital to my sense of well-being and place. The variety of activities was delightful - an Open Day at the CFA (some of whom had only just returned from fi ... Read More

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Workplace Trends for 2020

With a very interesting year almost over, here are the thoughts of one of the leading HR forecasters who is looking ahead to the year ahead. How many of these trends will apply in your workplace? And what will you do about it? ... Read More

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Team Optimisation – The Consequence of Inaction

Sitting in a Training Seminar last week, on Risk Management & Governance for a Not-for-Profit Board of which I am a Director, I was fascinated by a discussion about the challenge of getting Board Members (in this case, all volunteers) and sometimes staff members to deliver on the action items & tasks assigned to them. With all the best of intentions, items can easily fall off people’s “to do” lists, especially as most lists are long or se ... Read More

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Alignment increases Function!

The young manager sitting in front of me was both frustrated and perplexed. He was enthusiastically committed to getting the best possible results from his team and had been working hard to get them all “on board” with his vision of what was possible in terms of outcomes, both in Sales and Customer Satisfaction.  The brand that his franchise was a part of tracked both of these and provided incentives for success in both. He wanted his team to qua ... Read More

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The Power of (Appropriate) Repetition

I was in a coaching session recently with an experienced manager, who had come to me because he felt like his team had “gone off the boil”. They were still delivering results, but things had flattened out. Sales growth had slowed and there was a sense of things being a bit stuck. A couple of diagnosis questions later and it became clear that the underlying issue fell under one of my Business Reinvention Principles (BRPs) – the power of REPETITION ... Read More

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