Could the first question we ask ourselves every morning change our lives?

Do you focus on:

  • the issues & challenges ahead in the day?
  • the pile of work?
  • the busy diary?
  • the long task list?


Do you think about:

  • the elements of your work that bring you joy?
  • the good outcomes you create?
  • the difference your business makes?

Albert Einstein once said “the most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”

If we consciously choose that our universe is friendly, we’re more likely to be creative in response when things don’t quite go our way.

  • … the traffic holds us up
  • … a team member disappoints us
  • … a client meeting goes off track

The way we view our world impacts our attitude on a moment-by-moment basis, as well as in the longer term.

Entrepreneur Chris Winfield says “I wake up and ask myself: ‘Do I live in a good world or a bad world?’”

Susan Reynolds, co-author of “Train Your Brain to Get Happy”, says “feeling pleasure can be so stimulating for your brain that it’s primed to respond to pleasure in a way that reinforces that pleasure.”

Applying Functional Optimism, the more we search for good in the world, for “best possible” outcomes, the better our results will be.