⛈ In times of massive change, we need to manage our response to events so we can create “best possible” outcomes.

According to Jack Canfield, there is one singular principle which leads to great leadership. It’s how we respond to events.

Many people blame outside factors to get past this principle, such as cultural biases, lack of money or gaps in their education.

To get the outcomes you desire, Canfield says, you should exercise control over the one factor you can control: your response.

“Instead of thinking that all the odds are stacked against you, think about how you can change the outcome from these outside stimuli by thinking differently.

It’s your personal reactions in thoughts, images and verbal responses that make up the response the world sees.”

Canfield points out that successful leaders ask for feedback. Leaders with the potential to achieve great outcomes enjoy knowing what they did right & wrong and treat criticism as a stepping-stone to success, rather than an attack.

🌻 This is part of my principle of “Functional Optimism” – consciously choosing the “best possible” outcome from any event or situation.

Tracking how often you ‘respond’ versus ‘react’ is a good start.