🖼 “What would I do if I knew that I could not fail?” 🎁

This line, from a song by Jana Stansfield (https://lnkd.in/gQerhPu), is part of my inspiration for designing my business and my life, rather than just living it.

As business owners and leaders, it’s very likely that we do what we do because it matters to us; because we want to make a difference.

In my #lifethreepointoh, after major life changes that completely kneecapped me, I’m determined that I will make conscious choices about the way I go forward.

That includes scheduling combination work & play trips, where we work for half a day and explore for the other half. The most recent one, to Mildura on the Murray River, included a sculpture park, a paddle steamer and a delicious dinner in the restaurant of a famous chef.

❓What would yours include?

If you were designing your business, what would you keep and what would you shed?

And if you were choosing how your life operates, rather than being on autopilot, what would it look like?

🧡 I love having conversations about this topic – reach out if you’d like to join me…