What stays and what goes?

There’s lots of talk at the moment about going from “lock-down” to a “new normal” for business, which affects us all in different ways.

Leaders are making decisions about how their business operates in the next phase of pandemic recovery.

It’s tempting to want to “get back to normal”. Most of us miss the social connection that comes from our work.

There’s still uncertainty about timelines for removal of restrictions & the possibility of a “second wave” (which we are facing in Victoria).

Leaders need to continue to adapt to the constant change & keep the business operating smoothly & efficiently.

This includes making conscious choices about which “pre-Covid” processes to reinstate & which of the “during-Covid” ones should be retained.

It’s a bit like clearing out the office, which I’ve been doing recently. It’s amazing what you find!

This pic is from “150 Must-See Speakers in Aust/NZ”, by Global Speakers, many years ago. My business has changed significantly since then, but the foundation remains.

Attitude is critical – optimism is the key mindset for achievement! My energy & enthusiasm is unchanged. My principles have been refined so they’re even more effective!

What elements of your business are so fundamental that no virus will unseat them?