On National First Responders Day, my question is: “Who are YOUR first responders?”

First Responders come in many shapes & sizes, both official and informal. After these last months of fire & flood & a virus in plague proportions, it seems VERY appropriate that we share our gratitude for their efforts.

As Leaders, we also need to develop an attitude of gratitude for the “first responders” in our team. For example:

  • the first person with an idea or solution to a problem
  • the first person to offer to assist another team member
  • the first person to go the extra mile with a task
  • the first person to take on a new project

It’s easy to reward the “superstars” in our business – top sales person; best service deliverer; great admin effort – and that’s important.

The “first responders” are sometimes the quiet achievers, who don’t make a lot of noise as they get things done.

By acknowledging their contribution, we will increase team cohesion & engagement, which boosts results in all parts of the business.

You can use the same methods to thank our official First Responders and the key contributors in your business.

Options include:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Card or Letter
  • FB Post
  • Messenger Note
  • Tweet
  • Video call
  • Gift
  • Visit/Meeting

What processes do you use to recognise the “first responders” and quiet achievers in your team?