Due to COVID-19, Helen is now running online workshops & webinars and virtual coaching sessions

The Benefit of Experience

Your “ROCIC” (Return on Conference Investment Calculation) needs to include more than just the costs of speakers, venue, catering, travel & accommodation. There is also the cost of your peoples’ time and energy to attend. And what if they don’t DO anything differently afterwards?

With more than three decades of experience of presenting to audiences large and small, across many industries, Helen understands the importance of delivering value that lasts beyond the excitement of the event. She loves to deliver keynotes, conference seminars and workshops that combine the energy of a summit and the learnings of a training session.

Helen Mac – Optimising
Leaders and Teams

As the speed of change in our world increases, we no longer have the luxury of hoping for a different outcome. Optimal performance from teams can’t be created with old habits and thinking patterns. We need a fresh approach to boost attitudes and get individuals & teams into productive action that creates better results. We need to reinvent our approach to people & teams and to our interactions with customers, both internal and in sales & service situation of all types.

Why Choose Helen?


Energetic and enthusiastic delivery


Relatable stories based on personal experiences.


Genuine warmth; caring approach


Real-world, implementable ideas.


No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all!

Optimise the Outcomes for yourself, your business and your team!

If your business is not delivering the results you need, I can help – get started today!

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