After more than 30 years working with business owners and managers, I’ve seen most of the issues you’re facing and I know the options to fix them. My “Business Gap Analysis” will help to identify your priorities.  Then we’ll tap into my Business Toolbox to access “best possible” solutions for your business.
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My Approach to People Development

The role of Leader, as a Business Owner, Manager or Team Leader, is increasingly complex. Balancing projects, tasks & people so that you can lead your team towards achieving your vision is critical to maximising the potential of the business.

You need Leadership and Team Development programs that explore the many elements of self and business development that create best possible results. It’s also a very effective strategy to retain valuable staff, as professional development rates highly as a motivator for your team members.

My programs for leaders and teams tap into my decades of experience, as a business owner, trainer & coach in multiple industries. The programs will deliver a return on investment to the business that makes it a no-brainer decision.

They’re packed with practical content, not just theory – you’ll be able to apply the learnings immediately to boost business results. Delivered virtually or face-to-face, they’re designed to build knowledge AND skill into your business. They will create lasting improvements in all business measures – sales, customer service, repeat & referral business, staff retention, profitability – everything.

Your business can get bigger, or better (or both) by building the effectiveness of your team, helping you to create the business you always wanted.

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Common problems businesses face

You know you want a customer-focused, highly profitable business – that’s not going to happen by accident! To create “best possible” results, you need a clear vision and a pathway to get there. Then, the business can thrive by recruiting & developing a team that is high-functioning and fully-supported, to deliver great results for everyone, including you and your team members, customers & suppliers.


Great results come from creating a great buying environment.


High performing teams result in happy customers and strong repeat business.


Clarity of goals and communication with individuals & teams are key!

Managing Virtual Teams

Keeping your virtual team on track, on time & on target is a critical success factor.


The equation is simple: Engaged Staff + Satisfied Customers
= Profitable Business


My programs deliver a range of business improvements, depending on the situation/scenario in your business. These include:

  • Improved business results – sales, service and profitability
  • Boosted team morale – better communication, connection and cohesion
  • Better workflow and smoother systems
  • Increased customer satisfaction and repeat/referral business
  • Less stress for leaders and team members

The process

During an initial briefing consultation, we identify your priority issues that are impacting your business results and discuss options for addressing them.

Working together, we’ll craft a customised solution, incorporating elements to deliver the desired result.

This can include skills assessment, training needs analysis, employee survey, profiling instruments, virtual &/or face-to-face workshops, online modules, coaching, team-building activities and so on.

During the roll-out, regular feedback from participants will ensure that learning outcomes are being achieved.


Over the three decades of my career as a business and personal development expert, my clients range from large multi-national, corporate organisations to solo-preneurs; from senior executives to individuals at the “coal-face” of their business; from people who are just beginning their careers or their business to business owners wanting to leverage their time & effort.

Maximise results for yourself, your business and your team!

If your business is not delivering the results you need, I can help – get started today, with an initial (complimentary) assessment or consultation.

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