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About the programs

In this fast-changing business world, there is an abundance of information available. The challenge is putting it into action! Helen’s programs for leaders and teams tap into her decades of experience in multiple industries. They are packed with practical content, not just theory – you’ll be able to apply the learnings immediately to boost business results. Delivered virtually or face-to-face, they are designed to build knowledge AND skill, to create lasting improvements. Taking a modular approach, Helen can quickly and effectively customise the content to meet your business needs.

Common problems businesses face

A Customer-Focused, Highly Profitable business is never going to happen without getting the TEAM right first. If they don’t feel heard, appreciated and fully-supported, the leader is going to spend more time & effort fixing problems and putting out fires than maximising business potential.


Great results come from creating a great buying environment.


High performing teams result in happy customers and strong repeat business.


Communication, Connection and Cohesion
dramatically improve business results

Managing Virtual Teams

Keeping your virtual team on track, on time
& on target is a critical success factor.


The equation is simple: Engaged Staff + Satisfied Customers
= Profitable Business


Helen’s programs deliver a range of business improvements, depending on the situation/scenario in your business. These include:

  • Improved business results – sales, service and profitability
  • Boosted team morale – better communication, connection and cohesion
  • Better workflow and smoother systems
  • Increased customer satisfaction and repeat/referral business
  • Less stress for leaders and team members

The process

During an initial briefing consultation, Helen will help you to identify the priority issues that are impacting your business results and discuss the options for addressing them. Working with you, she will craft a customised solution, incorporating elements that will deliver the desired result, including skills assessment, training needs analysis, employee survey, profiling instruments, virtual &/or face-to-face workshops, online modules, coaching, team-building activities and so on. During the roll-out, regular feedback from participants will ensure that learning outcomes are being achieved.


My clients, over the three decades of my career as a business and personal development expert, range from large multi-national, corporate organisations to solo-preneurs; from senior executives to people just beginning their careers or from the “coal-face” of their business.

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