Are you experiencing “pandemic uncertainty”? Is it tricky motivating your team in this time of transition?

In my first “Helen Mac’s Midweek Minute”, I share how to motivate your team, keeping them on track and performing at the optimum level in uncertain times. You can watch the video (1 minute!), or read the text below…

Right now, in this transition period, we really don’t know when things are going to change back to what might be the old normal or what might need to become a new normal.

As a leader or manager, what we need to do is make sure that we are being as calm as possible, and that we’re giving people as much information as we possibly can.

Don’t try to hide things, don’t sugar-coat things, it only makes the uncertainty worse.

Make sure that you’re clear about what is working and what will go forward. If you’re not sure at this stage, then just let people know.

I think people are generally willing to give us a little bit of leeway, a bit of leg room to work out what’s going to happen next, if we are clear and honest with them.