Optimisation (sometimes) requires re-education! I was going through some photos this week and came across this one of my grandson and my late husband reading together – what a joy! For my grandson, this was a new adventure – squiggles on the page that made no sense, but his grandad could turn them into a story (including doing all the voices for the characters!)! For Lachlan, it was a chance to invest in his grandson’s future (and snaffle a cuddle from a very active boy!). Both enjoyed the experience from different perspectives. As adults, we sometimes lose track of the power of learning, feeling like we’re “done”. If we want to remain nimble and flexible, to meet our customers’ demands, we need to have an attitude of constant reinvention, including a willingness to always look for new ways of doing things and, sometimes, asking a “grandad’ – someone with more experience than us – for some input into our business. So, when was the last time you learned or reviewed something with fresh eyes? And who is a ‘grandad’ (doesn’t have to be male or old!) that you could ask for some ideas to take you further on your journey?