Optimisation requires connection. The tiny village of Trentham in Victoria is my home base and punches way above its weight in community involvement and activity. With life having been a bit hectic in recent weeks, this weekend was a great opportunity to reconnect with some the people who are so vital to my sense of well-being and place. The variety of activities was delightful – an Open Day at the CFA (some of whom had only just returned from fighting the fires in NSW – legends!); a gathering at The Little Gallery prior to it closing for renovations; a reunion lunch of a group of friends who went on a tour of Canada several years ago, held in a private cellar in an extraordinary house in Lilydale. My heart is full and my energy replenished! So, what do you do to reconnect and who or what do you need to reconnect with? Be careful not to get so busy with busy-ness that you lose contact with the things that really matter! #optimisation teamreinvention community connection volunteering communityleadership businessresults teamresults teamoutcomes