After more than 30 years working with business owners and managers, I’ve seen most of the issues you’re facing and I know the options to fix them. My “Business Gap Analysis” will help to identify your priorities.  Then we’ll tap into my Business Toolbox to access “best possible” solutions for your business.
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Boost your Results without leaving your Office!

As small business owners, we can end up focused on tasks, working IN the business rather than ON the business. Many of us are spending so much time in online meetings, glued to the computer camera & keyboard talking about tasks & projects, that we almost don’t have time to DO what is talked about before the next meeting.

Then we have to find time to catch up on the doing, before we meet with that next customer or team member

The end result is a feeling of always being behind; of racing to catch a target that keeps moving away from us. Strangely, the way to feel less like this is to add something into the equation!

We need to assign time in our busy schedule to thinking and talking about the people, systems and processes of the business, rather than on the projects and tasks.

How it works:

The Group Coaching Master Class is a combination of group coaching, deep-dive learning, collaboration and accountability system, designed to provide a highly effective “time-out” from the everyday running of your business or department.

  • Spend time with other business owners or senior managers, also committed to optimising the outcomes for their businesses.
  • Brainstorm solutions for your challenges.
  • Collaborate on new opportunities.

What it includes:

  • Monthly meeting of 1.5 hours
  • Maximum of 8 participants
  • Accountability and support
  • Learning Deep Dives
  • Resources including Tools/Checklists

Limited places available. Contact Helen NOW to book your place, or discuss launching an in-house group.

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Over the three decades of my career as a business and personal development expert, my clients range from large multi-national, corporate organisations to solo-preneurs; from senior executives to individuals at the “coal-face” of their business; from people who are just beginning their careers or their business to business owners wanting to leverage their time & effort.

Maximise results for yourself, your business and your team!

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