Better results come from aligning your team with the business’ vision & values.

Firstly, you as the #leader must be crystal clear on your vision and values.

Without that clarity, it’s going to be very hard to bring the team along with you

The second piece of the puzzle is to make sure that communication about the vision & values is clear. Use a number of different methods to make sure that all of the team get the message.

You might need to use:

  • written communication
  • one-to-one meetings
  • a whole of team meeting

and you’re probably going to need to repeat the message more than once.

If you have a team member who is not living the vision & values of the organisation, then you need to correct their behaviour quickly, to bring them back on track.

Correction is not about punishment. Out-of-line behaviour is often caused by mis-understanding or mis-communication. Fix that and you’ll often fix the problem!

In summary, there are three steps to align your team with the values and vision:

  1. Clarity – make sure YOU are clear about the vision & values
  2. Communication – have a strategy to cover all styles of communication for all your team
  3. Correction – be prepared to adjust team member behaviours, as required

My MidWeek Minute video on this topic can be viewed here: