When faced with a challenge, do you get frustrated or flexible?

Today is a great example of the power of the pandemic to push our buttons. It’s “Share a Hug” Day (& I’m a great proponent of hugging!).

If we focus on the problem – “Arrrrgh! We can’t hug, from 1.5 metres apart!” – the outcome will be stress, frustration, unhappiness. Not exactly the goal of Hug Day!

Optimising outcomes requires flexibility!

If we focus on the intention of the day – coming together and caring – we start to ask “what’s possible?”.

So, here’s a starter kit of hug equivalents:

  • A small act of kindness
  • A card in the mail-box
  • A thank-you
  • An invitation for a “quarantini” or a “virtual-latte”
  • A phone call, just to check in
  • A gift left on a front doorstep
  • A home-made cake or batch of biscuits
  • A bunch of flowers
  • A home-cooked meal
  • A physically-distanced walk with a friend

What would you add to the list? How will you deliver a “best possible” hug, on this unique version of a special day?