The emotional response to the “new normal” may be damaging your business.

Qantas announces the laying off of 6000 people, Deloittes downsizes by 700, KPMG cuts 200. These are big numbers from large companies.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of similar stories, on a smaller scale, happening across our country & across the world.

These are all parts of the “new normal” & it’s not an easy transition. There hasn’t been a process for letting go of the “old normal”.

The adjustment to the pandemic restrictions was so fast & intense that the ripples are still being felt, in many different ways.

No-one really knows what the future looks like so we can’t plan for it & that hurts. There are micro-tears in our hearts that are not being healed.

I think people are grieving lots of things. They’re grieving the loss of connection with their workmates. They’re grieving the loss of the barista down the road making their coffee every morning.

Joy Osaka-Lu ( progressed this thought in a recent conversation we had about optimising opportunities in this difficult time. She commented that not enough companies are making space to grieve the loss of what was normal.

The first step is awareness. Then analysis: ask good questions. Then action to get the “best possible” result.

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