While we make the tricky transition out of the Covid-19 crisis, leaders have a real challenge ahead of them.

Two weeks ago, I shared a video of a simple idea to help all leaders to stay CALM and get better results.

Today, I created a visual summary of the 4 steps of C.A.L.M.

C is for Connect.

Leaders focus on eyeball-to-eyeball communication. Stay connected with all of the important people in your life – your team members, colleagues, family & friends. Human connection is key.

A is for Act.

Leaders focus away from the distractions, the things that can’t be done in this environment. By focusing on what you can do, you’ll get things achieved & that helps you lift your momentum & your energy.

L is for Listen.

Check your internal dialogue – listen to how you’re feeling & what you need to do to feel more grounded. Then listen to the needs of the people in your world. How can you help them, so we can get through this together?

M is for Mindset.

Focus on optimism. The first 3 letters are “opt” – to “choose”. Leaders choose their approach & spread their mindset around their team. Choose optimism & get the best possible out of this very difficult scenario.