I got married on the weekend – an iso-event, live-streamed to family & friends. It was lovely…but that’s not the main point of this story.

This is a story about what it takes to deliver GREAT customer service and, no surprise, it’s about attitude!

It’s also a note of thanks to Carmon at the Mascot Depot of TNT. She went out of her way to make sure that I was able to collect my wedding dress on the eve of the big day.

The virus removed the option of shopping for a dress! Because of my particular bias around colour (I’m an orange fan!), it took a while for me to find something I liked that I was confident would fit!

According to TNT’s online tracker, the parcel was supposed to be delivered to my home in the Victorian country on Tuesday before 6pm, with plenty of time before my Saturday wedding. There was a glitch and it seemed to be stalled in Botany.

I had numerous calls & conversations with several helpful customer service officers. Then, I got lucky! Carmon answered the next call. Instead of just following the basic process of “putting in an urgent request”, she took a really personal approach. She kept trying different ways to locate the missing parcel. Her attitude meant that another “someone will call with an update” wasn’t good enough.

The “Carmon Approach” was simple and effective:

  • Truly engage with the customer’s issue
  • Get creative – look beyond standard practice
  • Stay connected with the customer and the issue until it’s done

So, thinking about your team, do they take the Carmon Approach to your customers? What could you do to get all your team to switch on their attitude and create GREAT customer service every day?

I still don’t know what she did. When I got a call from Bill at the Tullamarine Depot at 4pm on Friday, at a point when I had resigned myself to going with “Plan B”, I nearly burst into tears. My fiancé & I jumped in the car & headed for the airport. The phone rang again and it was Carmon, just making sure I’d heard that the parcel had been located and was ready for collection.

Our iso-wedding was a huge success and the dress got lots of compliments. I’m very grateful that one of the TNT team went ‘above and beyond’ to make this customer very happy! Thank you, Carmon!