The impact of the pandemic across the planet is causing rising levels of uncertainty & stress on #leaders of businesses & communities.

Yesterday, the Premier of Victoria mandated the use of masks in lockdown zones.

My biggest concern, in the face of this and other worrying issues, is that people might try to apply ‘positive thinking’ to maintain their momentum.

Just being positive isn’t going work.

In fact, positivity can be toxic to momentum & business results.

Negative thinking is also a flawed strategy for getting great results.

The downward spiral of energy created by looking for ‘worst possible’ outcomes all the time is not going to power us to success.

Similarly, trying to remain neutral in the face of the incredibly difficult conditions we are facing, is unlikely to inspire the activity levels that we need.

The challenge is that “positive thinking” is not the solution.

We need a more powerful attitude to get through this – the “power opposite” of negative thinking. We need Optimism.

Optimising outcomes through a change of attitude won’t happen overnight, but (like the Pantene ad from years ago!) it will happen!

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