Keynote Topics

Helen Mac – Reinvention Specialist

As the speed of change in our world increases, we no longer have the luxury of hoping for a different outcome. Optimal performance from teams can’t be created with old habits and thinking patterns. We need a fresh approach to boost attitudes and get individuals & teams into productive action that creates better results. We need to reinvent our approaches to people & teams and to our interactions with customers, both internal and in sales and service situation of all types.

The topics below are designed to drive reinvention and optimise outcomes in your business. They can be delivered in conference or workshop format, in time-frames as short as 45 minutes and as long as several days.

“Reinventing Leadership – Walking the Fine Line between Optimisim and Delusion”

There’s a fine line between believing that everything will work out well and operating accordingly…and maintaining that approach beyond the point when common sense dictates that a change of strategy is required. Leaders need to walk that fine line to maintain morale in the team but not let false positives create potential damage! We need to view the business, the team and the opportunities through different lenses, allowing us to see opportunities for reinvention of people and processes to create the best possible outcomes and work towards optimising our results.

Helen delivered a condensed version of this topic, to an audience at TEDxMelbourne Leadership Forum in August 2012 – a recording of this event is above.

“Optimism: The Reinvention Revolution”

To reinvent our businesses, our teams and ourselves, we need to go ‘beyond positive thinking’. Just hoping that things will work out…doesn’t work! This session introduces the nine elements we all need to maintenain the critical attitude that drives successful reinvention and maximises performance – optimism! Fun, dynamic, interactive – this session will get the whole team ready to reinvent themselves to take on new challenges & achieve bigger goals.

“Reinventing your Business & your Teams when Change Happens (& isn’t that all the time?)”

There are 7 keys to successfully reinventing your way through storms in your business and with your teams. You may remember the line from a song from the 60’s….”the times they are a-changin’!”. Certainly true back then, this phrase is even more applicable now. While many experts talk about managing change, Helen takes a different view – that change is a fact of life, but not one that we can manage. We need to be flexible and nimble in our responses and willing to reinvent  our approach. Helen has developed seven keys to make sure that we all arrive safely at our ultimate destination, having benefited from the experiences of the journey!

“Reinventing Team Communication”

With communication methods changing as quickly as we can update the latest app, we need to reinvent the way team members connect. When people understand each other, they can create better results together. When they don’t, they can’t get anything done. Team members who understand how their approach might differ from that of their colleagues can make small adjustments in communication to connect better. Then we can reinvent our relationships and boost results!