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As a speaker, author and master facilitator, Helen has worked with corporations around the Asia Pacific region including General Motors; NCR; SmithKline Beecham; Ericsson; Hewlett Packard; BP Australia; and Tupperware. Her dynamic and highly interactive style encourages audiences to take action - to enthusiastically embrace her message that "Life is too short to be miserable - especially at Work!"

The Negative Impact of Positive Thinking

The Power of Optimism to create a Working Environment where people want to Succeed!

Recent research indicates that the key to increasing profits, productivity, employee satisfaction and customer loyalty is not to work harder, but to make work more enjoyable. Happy workplaces, filled with happy workers have been proven to have less labour turnover; fewer customer complaints, more creativity and improved systems, without any additional programs needing to be implemented.

Accessing all areas of your business and your people gets the optimism flowing and creates better results. Managers have a critical responsibility to create an environment in which they are able to encourage their team members to do their very best. The good news is that there are a few important, cost-effective and high-impact steps which can make a real difference. Thought provoking and action inspiring, this topic is sure to get things flowing in your organisation.

Where you lead, will they follow?

Developing leadership behaviours that engage and retain staff to create optimal results .

As a business owner, manager or team leader, it’s all very well being positive about working towards achieving the company vision and reaching yourtargets.  The big question is whether anyone is following you! As we work our way through the current economic challenges, just being positive is not going to cut it.  The key success criteria is going to be the ability to inspire, then maintain, optimal performance in every individual in your team

Managing leadership and culture is probably the most important task for any senior executive.  Knowing the theory is one thing, but knowing what to manage to lead an optimistic, productive, profitable culture is something very different indeed. The good news is that it’s all common sense really!

The challenge is that Common Sense is NOT Common Practice.  Many leaders are extremely talented and “switched on.”  They know business strategy, operations and the textbook definition of leadership that is Common Sense.  Identifying, monitoring and improving on the fundamental leadership behaviours that engage and retain staff to create maximum results are what we need to practice! 

In this presentation, Helen will outline three vital elements to optimise your leadership skills, so that your team operates at a high level of effectiveness and efficiency, aligned with your company goals and energised & enthusiastic in their work.

Life is too short to be miserable at Work !

A five-step attitude adjustment program for increased personal effectiveness

Every day, managers are faced with the challenge of maintaining a positive, optimistic attitude as they work on their business and with their team. Helen shares a simple mechanism that she has developed, to help managers and team members stay on track for success. Her S.M.I.L.E. formula will give you the key ingredients required to take yourself and your team to the next level, attracting the type of business and the level of success that you desire.

Most of us get so caught up in the "busy-ness" of every day, that we forget to enjoy ourselves - after all, life is to short to be miserable at work! Studies have shown that a happier workforce is a more productive one. This dynamic and motivating keynote presentation will help your team to start looking for the moments in life where a smile is a better option than a frown - and isn't that all the time!! 

Every day, we face the challenge of maintaining an optimistic attitude as we work. Wouldn't it be great to tap into a constant source of energising, life-giving, smile-enhancing "Life Juice"?  A few simple principles will give you the key ingredients to feeling enthusiastic and optimistic every day! The five point reminder system will help your team increase their satisfaction and productivity in all areas of life!  

The Myth of Work/Life Balance!

Work/Life balance is worse than a myth - it's an impossibility!

Everybody seems to be pushing the need for work/life balance these days. What a ridiculous concept - that you can somehow balance out a miserable worklife by taking a few extra hours off or by spending "quality time" with your family. Many people live in the hope that something is going to rescue them from a work-life that has turned them into slaves; a grey-faced army mindlessly slogging through the daily grind.

The only solution is to create an optimistic, productive workplace, where people feel valued and able to make a meaningful contribution. Not only does this boost their results, but they leave work at the end of the day capable of doing more than just dragging themselves home to collapse exhausted in front of the television.  If our work is enjoyable, given that it takes up such an enormous amount of time and effort, then there's no drama about fighting for some kind of mythical balance!  Imagine what your team could do, if their energy was focused on achieving goals rather than surviving another day! 

Change Happens!

7 keys to successfully navigating storms in your business and your life.

You may remember the line from a song from the 60's…."the times they are a-changin'!". Certainly true in the 60's, this phrase is even more applicable now. While many experts talk about managing change, Helen takes a different view - that change is a fact of life, but not one that we can always manage. Sometimes we need to simply take personal responsibility for navigating our way through the "storm", whether personal or business. Participants are shown seven keys to make sure that we all arrive safely at our ultimate destination, having benefited from the experiences of the journey! 

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