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Managing leadership and culture is probably the most important task for any senior executive.  Knowing is one thing - but knowing what to manage to lead culture is something very different indeed.

A Corporate Optimism-based Leadership program can involve workshops, retreats and group and individual coaching, as appropriate.

It's a question of Common Sense versus Common Practice!

Many Senior Executives are extremely talented and “switched on.”  They know business strategy, operations and the textbook definition of leadership that is Common Sense. 

The Challenge is that Common Sense is NOT Common Practice. 

When the stress of strategic decisions, tight timeframes and managing on the “fly” start taking hold, many senior executives go on autopilot.  These pressures can allow them to get short term results—sometimes at the cost of alienating staff and limiting sustainable performance.


My goal in working with you is REAL CHANGE!  

Many "leadership development" programs leave participants feeling good, but with no real, sustainable, behavioural change. 

The 'Optimistic Leader' development program creates measurable changes in your Leadership Team's behaviours and results.

Although the specific program will be tailored based on feedback from my Needs Analysis, the program may include:

  • Understanding what Successful Leaders do:  The Research
  • How to Create a Profitable Culture
  • Levers for Creating Culture Change
  • Understanding Your Leadership:  Your View
  • Understanding Your Leadership:  What others see
  • Leadership Gap Analysis
  • Improving Leadership Ability
  • Attitude Awareness; Activity Management and Achievement Focus - 3 Keys to Change
  • Recognising the Difference between Working “in” the business and Working “on” the business
  • Improving Productivity - Focus on Efficiency & Effectiveness: What you do
  • Improving Efficiency:  How you do it
  • Improving Time Management:  How to do more with less
  • Creating a High Performance Team
  • Measuring your Teams current performance and linking it to a Development Plan
  • Developing an Individual Leadership Development Plan
  • Building Enthusiastic Staff that are empowered to consistently perform over time
  • Effective Delegation and how to ensure staff are implementing strategic action
  • Balancing Alignment and Energy in the Team
  • Identifying how to Mentor and coach your staff
  • Creating Individual Staff Development Plans to support their individual goals and aspirations!

Helen will happily to provide you with a sample 'Optimistic Leader' training outline during the presentation of a program proposal.


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