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Ready for best possible performance from your team?

Ready for a productive, optimistic workplace?

Ready for more engaged employees and satisfied customers?

 Then, you're ready for a shot of

Corporate Optimism!

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If you're a business owner or manager wanting to thrive, or if you need help getting optimal results from your team, Helen Mac can help! 

Using principles gleaned from her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology combined with her corporate background, Helen helps managers and business owners get best possible results in tough times. Her processes enable crucial conversations to occur between individuals and within teams. From these conversations come solutions and results that drive business success for her clients.  


This is not fluffy, airy-fairy, tree-hugging stuff.  This is practical outcomes and dynamic performance improvement. 


"Employers who actively sustain a positive work environment could experience improvements of up to 25% in efficiency and customer satisfaction." 

Journal of Applied Psychology – 2003


Based on more than two decades of research and experience in professional and personal development, Helen Mac has created the tools you need to get through the current economic challenges and be ready to fly when the tide turns.
Boost the energy and alignment in your workplace and you & your teams will create a workplace where customers smile, employees thrive, and productivity, effectiveness & profit reach new heights

If you’re ready to really optimise your business & your team, and you want…

  • A dynamic, energising and motivating presenter for your next conference or business retreat, or
  • An engaging, action-oriented, business-focused seminar to inspire your workforce to the next level, or
  • An inspiring coach to boost results for critical individuals in your team...

...then you’re in the right place!

If you’re ready for a quick hit or regular input for your business and your life, you can…

So, if you’re struggling under heavy workloads, crushing deadlines and sagging morale, you're definitely ready for a dose of Corporate Optimism.  Invite Helen Mac to your next conference, sales meeting or management gathering and watch your employee & customer satisfaction soar, and sales & business results reach their "MACSimum” potential!

  Contact Helen by clicking here or call 0419 930 864 .


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