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Be the Change you want to see in the Workplace

In my part of the world, the kids are nearly back at school and almost everbody is back at work after the Christmas Holiday break. I’m always excited about getting back into the swing of things, although as a solo-preneur, I’m never really 100% “on holidays” – my mind is always noticing things, collecting ideas, putting thoughts together in new and interesting ways. This is why it makes me sad to know that there are many people who feel like they are being dragged back into a place they don’t...

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Two Key Questions

The second part of the “goal-getting” story is two key questions that we need to address: The first question is “do I really want it? (or does someone else, more than me?)” Sometimes, we find ourselves working towards a goal that doesn’t really belong to us. It might be something that someone else thinks would be good for us – a loving parent; a well-meaning friend; that old school teacher whose voice still echoes in our head. After many years of working on making sure that I am focused on MY...

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Goal-Getting is the new black!

Mid January is a great time to take a look back over last year. It’s also a tricky thing to do – we need to make sure that we don’t get bogged down in bemoaning all the things we didn’t do! From a mindset perspective, it’s much more effective to review the year with a focus on what did happen – look for the good things; for the elements that made our lives better and also for the learnings and the lessons. We need to avoid beating ourselves up for what didn’t get done, because many of us set...

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Let’s Ban New Year’s Resolutions!

Welcome to the new year and my new blog – Mindset Musings. Each week, I’ll be sharing ideas I have come across, ways to manage your mindset for greater achievement and hints to help you maximise your results. This time of year is usually focused on a couple of diverse things – recovering from the festive season festivities; enjoying time-out with family & friends and setting things up for the year ahead. It’s the third one where your mindset is critical, both for your individual plans for...

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