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Helen Mac…


…is an expert in Reinvention – in the last decade, she has reinvented her lifestyle, her relationship, numerous clients’ teams and The Great Trentham Spudfest,  to name just a few of her recent successes.

…is an experienced speaker, trainer and business coach who maximises results for small & large businesses and the individuals who own and run them.

…is passionate about ridding the world of what she calls the “grey-faced army” – those sad folk who drag their bodies to work each day, leaving their hearts, souls and minds safely at home.

…has squeezed all she has learned from over 30 years of research and experience in organisational behaviour, performance improvement and motivation, into creating the four pillars of her Reinvention Formula – personal; sales; team and business.

…is the author of 2 books, including “SMILE your way to Success”, the cornerstone of her approach to reinvention. She has also contributed to 4 other books, including “Secrets of Business Builders Exposed”.

…can turn your business into a place where customers smile, employees thrive, & productivity, effectiveness & profit reach new heights.

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Helen Mac is the Reinvention Expert. She specializes in maximising opportunities in individuals & teams, creating optimal performance in organizations of all sizes. Combining decades of experience in culture change and practical psychology based on her BA(Psych), Helen works with leaders, individual contributors and teams to dramatically shift their thinking and optimise outcomes.

With over 30 years of research and experience in organisational behaviour, performance improvement and motivation, Helen has also draws on expertise collected from speaking in 11 countries to thousands of people in all kinds of roles, from blue collar to senior executive.
 A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and multiple accreditations in behaviour and personality instruments means that Helen brings a depth of knowledge to her work.  Her broad experience in human resource management and training enables her to go beyond skimming the surface when exploring key issues with her clients.

Helen has worked with corporations large and small, from multi-nationals to small businesses, around the Asia Pacific region. She has written two books and contributed to four others, as well as designing & delivering hundreds of conference and workplace sessions to thousands of managers and individuals.  Her proven systems boost attitudes and get individuals & teams into productive action. This creates an environment where people want to contribute and succeed, resulting in loyal customers, enthusiastic employees and a boosted bottom-line.

A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Past National President of Professional Speakers Australia, (CSP is the highest international professional designation for speakers), Helen is the only person to have received, from the Victorian Chapter of the Association, the full complement of their awards in a four year period – New Speaker of the Year; Mentor of the Year; Speaker of the Year and Golden Mike.

Her client list is diverse, coming from industries as wide-ranging as IT, banking & finance, transport, telecommunications, automotive, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals.  Examples include General Motors/Holden Limited, American Express, GE Capital Finance; Hyundai Motor Company, CPA Australia, Tupperware, Ericcson, SAP, RSM Bird Cameron and AMP.

Helen’s sessions improve employee performance and show managers how to reinvent workplaces so that people are encouraged to do their very best. She works with leaders, individual contributors & teams to develop an optimistic “TGIM” culture, delivering better results.